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04 July 2010 @ 02:29 am
Krael: Three things  
Three things I enjoy starting with number 3. Hammers.
...I love hammers. Tools, weapons, something cool to carry around. When you have a hammer it makes a statement. That is a working man/woman, see they have a hammer. Going to build something. to create, to add to the world. Or, that person has a point to make. Why else would the phrase "hammer it home" even exsist? Or, that person is going to fuck someone up.
Number 2. Absinthe.
Let me just say this first: I LOVE ABSINTHE. If you ever get the chance to try it do so, but do it right. If someone brings you absinthe in a shot glass do two things, dont drink it until you have a larger glass some water and a suger cube (or two as I prefer) and second, punch in the face the person who thought drinking a shot of absinthe straight was a good idea. Straight absinthe is a quick ticket to screaming in terror at helicopters...not that...uh...I'd know or anything. [nervous laugh]
Number 1. Ezra.
Seriously, Ezra is my top thing I love more than anything. If I had to choose, hammers would be gone. I might hesitate when it comes to absinthe but she would understand (right love?) But in the end, Ezra beat all of them. I love her more than anything everywhere forever. If someone gave me the world I'd give it to her. Seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, watching her lipsinc with EVERY song, watching her eat...ahem [I have my obsessions but so do you, leave me alone]...Everything about her brings me more joy than I thought possible. But most of all, touching her is truly amasing. It means she is real, she does exsist and I havent gone mad.
and on a side note she drinks absinthe with me and uses a hammer at work so BONUS. [laughs]
I love you Ezra.
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EzraKrael: Ezraezrakrael on July 4th, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
*leaps into your arms* I LOVE YOU! ^_^