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03 September 2010 @ 02:27 am
Krael: Home  
so the shower head sprays water in all directions except down, I noticed the hose sprayer thing on the kitchen sink and promptly broke it so it sprayed constantly, couldnt figure out why I didnt have hot water until I turned on the water heater...
there is a dishwasher I havent tested, closets everywhere, power outlets that out number my old house just in one room, and I feel at home here.
Our home... no furnishings yet and most of my stuff isnt here but I'm relaxed. I'm happy. Ezra will have a home when she finally arrives. A nice home, something to be proud of. Replace the shower head, already fixed the hose thing using only a knife, move some stuff in and...wait.
I've waited all my life for this, a home with someone I love. All my life...
Ezra, your Krael is bringing you home!
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