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28 June 2010 @ 01:14 pm

Welcome to our little journal experiment! This is Ezra Starscale speaking and I'm going to let you all know what this particular journal is going to be all about. As you have probably read, this is EzraKrael's journal. Krael, the other individual involved in posting to this account, is my wonderful partner, lover, and fiance. We live 800 miles away from one another. This is not easy for either of us so in order to overcome the distance between one another we have decided to post our lives both together and as individuals through this one account for the world(and each other) to see... because we are awesome like that. :P

So that's my first post. If your curious as to who is posting what just take a glimpse up at the entry title/subject line above each entry. It will [hopefully] say who is posting and what the entry title is. Feel free to drop a line, friend us, comment, let us know how freaking cute we are (okay, maybe not Krael :P), etc etc etc.

More to come later!

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