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29 June 2010 @ 02:37 am
Krael: Wandering Mind  
I hold my phone in front of me, typing in the dark. The heat of my room as it always is, the fan more of a distraction from the temperature rather than a solution. I lay on the mat that is my bed, a thin layer of cusion between me and the floor, the perfect bed according to some. I midlessly rub the middle finger of my left hand. Why? For nine years Ilve worn a simple silver band, a ring which signified nothing at the time I bought it. I like silver, I like the smooth finish, I like the almost reflective nature of it. I bought it because I liked it.
...I gave it out of love.
It now rests on a chain, for it was too large to fit easily on her finger, around the neck of my beloved Ezra. I think of her always. Always. I worry about her. I know my worry is needless as she can take care of herself. I know it is needless becaause most of my worry is born from my own paranoia and twisted mind. I know my worry is needless...yet I worry nonetheless.
So here I lay, in the dark, illuminated by my phone as I type. My thoughts always on her. I rest my head against the mat as I have no pillow. As sleep draws near I reach out beside me searching for her, and I find her, she is in my heart and mind and in my dreams. She always will be. I know I will be at her side again soon...
I Love you Ezra
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